Do I Have An Alcohol Problem?

  • Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

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    Beer, wine and spirits are the most accessible and readily available abused substance in the U.S. The suffering and sadness brought upon by alcohol addiction, alcoholism, or alcohol abuse can be virtually unmatched. But allowing alcohol to dictate, or not to dictate, a life can boil down to some simple choices. The correct choice is to take the proper corrective actions which can bring about the restoration of a person’s integrity, health, sanity, and sobriety. Your next action is to receive free, confidential, and immediate assistance by filling out our contact form or by calling our alcohol helpline!

    Please remember that alcohol issues can be extremely dangerous and can cause extreme susceptibility for injury, illness, organ failure, disease, other hospitalization, mental hygiene institutionalization, arrest, incarceration, or even death. Call 911 to get in touch with your local emergency services if you feel like you are faced with an emergency. Otherwise, please proceed with caution!

    Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

    Of course, those that experience alcoholism or alcohol addiction can self-identify that they have a problem pretty easily as long as they are willing to be honest with themselves. These issues so often mean that a person will experience psychological or physical dependency without alcohol. Essentially, they cannot operate without alcohol. Obviously, this is a problem. But what about lesser issues?

    Conservative government statistics estimate that close to 20 million Americans personally experienced issues with some type of alcohol disorder. While alcohol use disorders do not always qualify a person to be labeled as an alcoholic, actually becoming an alcoholic is only a short distance away from an alcohol use disorder. In any case and once alcohol issues have progressed, it is always best to proceed with professional measures such as rehab.

    Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

    In addition to alcoholism and alcohol addiction, one of the more common alcohol issues that people struggle with is alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse criteria are defined by gender. For women, alcohol abuse can be more than three drinks per day or more than ten drinks per week. For men, alcohol abuse can be more than four drinks per day or more than twelve drinks per week. Are you surprised by how little alcohol it takes to meet this criteria? It is likely that, if you are researching this issue, you or a loved one exceeds these limits.

    The good news is that as long as a person does indeed pursue rehab avenues before a calamity strikes, there is an excellent chance that a sober outcome can be attained. But selecting the right detox, rehab, treatment, or counseling option that is compatible for their specific needs can be pivotal to attaining a sober life and lifestyle. Because there are over 11,000 rehab options in the United States, you are at least in a position where you can be selective about your decision.

    A thorough and comprehensive rehab should address alcoholic withdrawal symptoms, physical cravings, emotional cravings, guilt, failure, remorse, depression, anxiety, environmental triggers, relationship issues, as well as any other issues that are pertinent to an alcoholic and that adversely impact their life. Although getting clean and sober does require a commitment, a well-equipped rehab is prepared for even the toughest of cases.

    Overcoming alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependency, and alcoholism can be made possible! Make the most of your resources!

    Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

    By contacting us, you are activating a network of alcohol rehab advocates and specialists. We are fully committed to helping a person struggling with alcohol issues to take control of their life by utilizing rehabilitation measures, tools, and avenues that are readily available. Getting help can be overwhelming. But we are happy to spend the time to thoroughly educate you on the process. Ultimately, our assistance can make a big difference and can help assure that a person is making the right rehab selection and giving themselves the best chance to move beyond alcohol issues forever.

    It is true that, although we offer our assistance for free, the knowledge and expertise that we can contribute to a situation so often proves to be entirely invaluable!

    If you have asked yourself if you have an alcohol problem, obviously there is already some concern! Do not let alcohol dictate your life or decisions. Demand that your life is restored with sobriety, health, and happiness and take your next step now! Your next step is to receive free, confidential, and immediate assistance by filling out our online contact form or by calling our alcohol hotline!

    Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

    Improve Life with Alcohol Rehab! Call


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